June 2020 Newsletter

June 2020 Newsletter

June 2020 Newsletter

At Food for Hope we stand with Black Lives Matter. We stand with protestors and the minority members of our community and country. As an organization, we are planning to raise money to donate to the cause and will keep you updated on our plans to do so. We hope that you, our members, are taking action during this essential time, and staying safe by following CDC guidelines if you choose to protest.

New Food for Hope Group Forms in Riverside

After receiving some publicity from UC Riverside social media pages, enough demonstrated interest in Food for Hope in the Riverside area has allowed us to expand and create an official second branch. Founder Gabe Johnson has been working to connect students with local Riverside food banks and start delivering groceries as soon as possible. We have also been working with a small group of students from the Los Angeles area and Scottsdale, Arizona. We hope to continue expand throughout California and neighboring states as our organization grows.

Partnership with Local Nonprofit Highlights and Shadows 

We have recently been partnering with local nonprofit Highlights and Shadows (@highlights.n.shadows on Instagram) to help publicize our cause. Photographers from Highlights and Shadows have accompanied a few of our members on deliveries and provided us with high quality professional photos to help promote Food for Hope. We are hoping to have a few more members photographed doing deliveries, if you are interested please reach out to us and we can set something up. We’d love to get some new faces in our photos and social media and showcase the amazing work our volunteers have been doing.

Moving Forward

  • Make sure to follow us on Instagram if you haven’t already @food.4.hope
  • Check out our new website, while it is in its early stages, the platform already looks amazing thanks to administrative team member Austin Patel.
  • Keep logging your hours with the form Gabe sent out! We’re hoping to eventually transition this process to the website, and will let everyone know when we do.
  • We’ve officially made an administrative email. For any future communications please email us at
  • Please help us build our social media presence by taking photos and sending them to us during deliveries or while you are making masks! 
  • We’re always looking for new members, if you know anyone interested in joining our community please have them reach out by emailing us or sending us a direct message on Instagram!

We want to extend a special thank you to all of our volunteers. We have already made so much progress within our community and could not have done it without your help. We are so inspired to work with such an amazing and motivated team.

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